How to trim toenails and give oral medications, subcutaneous fluids, and Insulin injections to cats

Before you start trying to trim toenails, give oral medications, give subcutaneous fluids, give Insulin shots or anything else that cats are unlikely to volunteer for, here are two videos that demonstrate important principles. In the long run, the most effective technique for any of these procedures for most cats is to give lots of bribes to the cat before the procedure (petting, brushing, or combing, or food and treats), then do the procedure, being gentle but also as firm as needed to get it done, then go back to more bribing after the deed is done. In the end, you can spend time loving on the cat before and after, or you can spend the same time chasing your cat around, dragging them out from under the bed, and fighting them to get the job done. Would you rather everyone ends up calm and happy, or have everyone end up stressed and unhappy and unlikely to repeat the process too many more times? Your choice. Your goal should be to finish with a purring cat, reasonably willing to go through the procedure again.

1) Soften up the cat with some good quality lovin’ before and after the procedure – petting, combing, brushing, chin scratching all work.
2) Be gentle, but also as firm as necessary to get the job done. Don’t give in too easily, or you may lose the battle and the war.

Good bribes before and after.

Remember – be gentle and firm.

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